GreyList Trace Limited was formed in late 2017 to develop the GreyList process and to hold its intellectual property. In April 2018 the company raised £1.35m of funding via Deepbridge Capital LLP.

GreyList's capability and the databases and technology that underpin it have been in development for almost a decade. It has taken considerable time, effort and investment to develop the technology to the point that it is now fully operational. GreyList is now available to form an essential element in every investigation toolkit.

Our Approach

GreyList is a technique that revolutionises the world of asset tracing. The “art” of asset tracing is ill-defined, unpredictable, expensive and sometimes of questionable legality. A Stone Age process applied in the Computer Age. GreyList turns art into science. It produces comprehensive results within a defined timescale at a fixed price.




GreyList has legal opinion in the U.K. and in the US at Federal and State level that its process is legal.

The Process is legal because GreyList is not looking for money in banks. It is testing for communication between a person of interest and financial institutions. The GreyList process does not use nor pretend to use the email address of the person of interest. Nor does it use personal data of any sort. For this reason the process does not meet any of the criteria of passing off, phishing or fraudulent misrepresentation.

Ethics and Compliance

Since inception GreyList has had a singular focus on conducting investigations in a legally compliant manner. This is the purpose for which GreyList was created. The genesis of the company was the challenge of tracing proceeds of fraud and corruption to hidden bank accounts in an ethical and legal manner. For us this is not only the core of GreyList’s business – it’s a core value as well.  Find out more >

Proud Partner of ICC FraudNet

We are proud to be one of the six Strategic Partners of ICC FraudNet, joining the likes of BDO, Grant Thornton and The Mintz Group. FraudNet is the only Tier 1 global network of leading asset recovery law firms. It comprises 80 law firms in over 60 countries. FraudNet uses sophisticated investigation tools and cutting edge civil procedures and has recovered billions of dollars for victims of fraud and corruption

GreyList’s ability to rapidly “follow the money” using email addresses to identify banking relationships adds an additional key element to FraudNet's approach. GreyList Connect, which identifies communication between pairs of email addresses is an additional powerful tool in analysing relationships and exposing non-disclosure.

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Member of the Association of British Investigators

We are a Member of the ABI, a body formed in 1913 to raise standards and lobby for the regulation of private sector investigation in the U.K. The ABI works closely with the Law Society of England and Wales and the Law Society of Scotland. Through a rigorous application procedure and an extensive training programme the ABI sets the benchmark for conducting investigations to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards.