Our Ethics

Since inception GreyList has had a singular focus on conducting investigations in a legally compliant manner. This is the purpose for which GreyList was created. The genesis of the company was the challenge of tracing proceeds of fraud and corruption to hidden bank accounts in an ethical and legal manner. For us this is not only the core of GreyList’s business – it’s a core value as well. 

Our Investigations

We recognize the importance of privacy and compliant handling of personal data. We also recognize the importance of undertaking our work in accordance with applicable laws. As a UK company we are subject to GDPR as well as other laws of the UK and the relevant jurisdictions in which we conduct our activities. We obtain legal opinions where necessary. We are always transparent about the manner in which we conduct investigations and the way our technology works (subject only to legitimate requirements to protect our intellectual property).

We conduct our investigations where there is a legitimate interest to do so and where our clients have confirmed such legitimate interest. GreyList acts as the data processor on behalf of our clients and our client (or their ultimate client) acts as data controller.

Our Commitment

We will conduct our work for the best interest of our clients and in accordance with their instructions. In doing so we will act with integrity and transparency and in compliance with applicable laws. We will implement policies and procedures that are adequate and necessary to ensure that we at all times act in an ethical and compliant manner. And we will do our best to level the playing field for victims of fraud and corruption while always “operating in the light”.

See our Privacy Statement for more information on GreyList’s privacy policy