As technology takes quantum leaps forward, science fiction fast becomes science fact. Only 20 years ago, the Tom Cruise film “Minority Report” portrayed a world of “PreCrime”, where criminals were arrested before they had actually committed a felony.

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  • 10 February 2021
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The media has reported on the formal charges levelled last week against two British nationals by Denmark’s State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime in what is one of Danish history's largest #fraud cases.

A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Bob Duffield highlighted a story warning that your friendly looking UK high street foreign exchange bureau or money transfer outlet could be one of thousands that are being exploited by criminals.

A fascinating BBC News article starts with a daunting challenge for even the most hardened corporate investigator: “Imagine having to search through all the documents, emails and messages of a huge multinational company.”

The New Year heralded the passing of a new US anti-corruption law, the Corporate Transparency Act, which has been described by campaigners as “historic”.

The tortoise or the hare? It’s the age old challenge as to how we “run” our personal and business lives.