A report in the Financial Times reveals that the UK government’s Serious #Fraud Office has lost six of its most important staff members in the past 15 months, including its chief investigator, head of strategy and policy, and head of proceeds of crime.

We are pleased to announce that the GreyList Foundation, the embryonic charitable and public service arm of GreyList Trace Limited, is selectively increasing the number of assignments it is undertaking to assist the process of bringing justice

Last month Pakistani media reported on an ongoing investigation into the assets of prominent politician and member of the National Assembly of #Pakistan, Moonis Elahi.

Journalists at over 100 news organisations around the world have spent the weekend sifting through more than 2500 leaked documents originating from the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

Middle Eastern media reports on the unveiling in the United Arab Emirates of a new smart financial crime-fighting system called ‘Fawri Tick’.

The age of European imperialism into far-flung continents, which resulted in the exploitation of vast local economic resources, was widely regarded as having ended in the process of decolonisation after World War II.

  • Nigel Nicholson
  • 05 September 2020
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