Good Algorithm: Bad Algorithm.
It’s not often that an algorithm is given a bad name, but here in the UK the term has made headline news.

Banking security systems, banking secrecy and GDPR in its various forms worldwide are conspiring to help criminals hide money. The job of the investigator is becoming ever harder. But one thing will never change: the desire of the criminal to “see” his or her money and to control it in some way.

A word of advice to would-be multimillionaire fraudsters not keen on being arrested and extradited: it’s probably not a good idea to post photographs of yourself with your ill-gotten wealth all over social media.

The asset tracing and investigation sector operates in an age where ethics and compliance is pre-eminent. Our mantra has to be accountability, transparency and legality. If a law firm, investigation firm, forensic accountant, litigation funder or anyone else (collectively a “Principal”) hires a sub-contractor to find information,

Last week, shares in German company Wirecard, Europe’s most valuable #fintech group, crashed more than 60% when its auditors EY warned that €1.9 billion was missing from escrow accounts at two Asian banks - BDO Unibank and Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

Refinitiv has published a fascinating report titled “Financial Crime in Sub-Saharan Africa 2020”, providing insights into the #financialcrime challenges facing compliance professionals in the region.