Trading Update

GreyList Trace Limited ended its first full year of trading on 31 October, 2020. Despite the initial challenges posed by Covid-19 during the Spring and serious disruption caused to the internet during the Autumn our turnover moved ahead and we were profitable in the second half of the year.

We continue to gain acceptance from major law firms, global investigation firms and Government organisations. 2020/21 has started strongly and since 1 November, 2020 we have recorded more sales revenue than in the first six months of 2019/20.

We are maintaining high visibility in virtual conferences and webinars. By the end of January we will have the results of a market feasibility study that we expect will signal a green light for the full scale development of GreyList Red as a global KYC product.

Technical Update

We started 2020 quoting 5-6 weeks to process a GreyList Gold. We had just launched GreyList Connect and when we pulled in a large Connect job we had to juggle our server capacity to fit it in. We were still efficient, but we had to deal with scheduling challenges.
Then Covid-19 struck. By going that extra mile we made the significant issues of restricted data centre access and a major reduction in internet speed and capacity almost undetectable to our clients.
Covid-19 is still with us. But as we run into October we now have segregated server banks for Gold, Silver and Connect jobs. And what was 5-6 weeks for a Gold is now 3-4 weeks. And projected to fall further.

Association of British Investigators

GreyList Trace Limited (GLT) has become a full member of the Association of British Investigators (ABI).

The ABI was founded in 1913 to raise standards and lobby for the regulation of private sector investigation in the U.K. The ABI works closely with the Law Society of England and Wales and the Law Society of Scotland. Through a rigorous application procedure and an extensive training programme the ABI sets the benchmark for conducting investigations to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards.

GLT has become a preferred provider of investigation software to the ABI. Bob Duffield and Nigel Nicholson will be presenting GreyList to the ABI membership at a Zoom conference on 28 June, 2020.

Technical Update

Despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, our technical team has continued to implement both technological and processing enhancements.

GreyList Launches Re-Vamped Website

The Covid-19 outbreak has emphasised the importance to companies of optimising their online presence via websites, webinars and other forms of electronic communication. Nick Papadopoulos of Anemos Creative Limited,   our website and graphic design partner of choice since 2018, has today completed a revamp of our website.

Trading Update

We are pleased to announce that despite the difficulties and uncertainties resulting from the Covid-19 situation our technical team has managed to maintain 100 percent operating capability. In fact we continue to reduce the time we are taking to process GreyList Gold, Silver and Connect applications.