It’s too early to say that the challenges presented by Covid-19 have gone away, but there are promising signs that usage of the internet has started to become more stable and predictable. There continue to be cyber storms, cyber attacks and power outages, but we are returning to the “norms” of February, 2020.

Internet speed and reliability is vital to running GreyList and our technical teams has worked miracles keeping things running within acceptable parameters over the last 15-months. We started 2020 with a global processing speed of five to six weeks and expected this to reduce to two to three weeks by the beginning of 2021. We are now running and four weeks and two weeks is a realistic expectation by early 2022. In addition, our processing is more versatile and robust and works off a wider range of platforms.

We are well advanced in developing our own totally secure data centre which will enable us to offer the most secure data compliant service in the world. This is especially important as we begin to work with major global organisations and in the public sector.

We continue development of our GreyList Red service. We have raised the funding we need to finance a high quality operation and we are busy building highly effective databases of sanctioned banks, enterprises and individuals.