The announcement by the UK Government of an initial three-week lockdown resulting from the Covid-19 crisis will have a major and uncertain impact on our business. We will immediately initiate measures to protect our personnel through implementing home working and ensuring that the GreyList process can continue to run remotely.

The timing of the announcement comes at a time when we have seen our revenues grow significantly in January and February, 2020 in line with budget. We also invested heavily in marketing during those months through our sponsorship of ICC FraudNet, bringing John Moscow on board and committing to asset tracing Conferences in Dublin, Nairobi and Miami in the period to mid-April.

We intend to press forward aggressively with our sales and marketing efforts, targeting repeat business from existing clients and following up on contacts we have already made. At the same time, we will take precautionary steps to reduce overheads and optimise cash flows.