Cutting-edge software that is revolutionising the world of asset-tracing

GreyList is asset-tracing software that can legally track email connections between a person of interest and every financial institution in the world. It has been developed over the last decade by a team of UK digital investigators and software engineers with a long track record of working within the international corporate investigation sector.

What GreyList offers



Identifies the connection between the email address of a person of interest and every bank in the world.


Identifies connections with North American, European and Middle and Far Eastern banks. And interrogates bespoke databases defined by the client


Identifies whether any pair of email addresses have been in contact with each other. A powerful tool in analysing relationships and exposing non-disclosure.


GreyList can be used in KYC applications to test for contact with sanctioned/blacklisted banks and organisations

GreyList can test for non-disclosure of banks in tax filings and divorce cases

How GreyList works

There are more than 200,000 financial institutions in the global banking system, every one of them a potential hiding place for black money. Searching for stolen funds is a long and unpredictable process. The task is made even more difficult because criminals can hide behind the shield of banking secrecy and data protection laws. Clients provide us with the email addresses of a person of interest. We evaluate the quality of the information we have been provided with. Then, In just four weeks, we test these addresses for communication with every bank in the world. At the end of the process the client receives a list of banks in which there is a very high probability of an active banking relationship.

Why should you use GreyList?

GreyList reduces the world of 200,000 financial institutions to just a handful, maybe five or 10. All of them are identified simultaneously, reducing the risk of capital flight. We quote a fixed price in advance. There is no uncertainty about timing and pricing. The GreyList report that you receive can and has been used in court.

Case Studies Worldwide


National Government

We were instructed by a firm of investigators with a mandate to trace and recover on behalf of a Government Agency several USD billion of assets stolen by a family group that were the subject of civil and criminal judgements.

We identified seven banks in five countries. Further work revealed a number of additional banks. Legal action to recover the assets is now underway and first recoveries have been made.

Divorce Case

We were instructed by an international investigation firm in connection with a high-profile divorce. We were supplied with two email addresses belonging to the person of interest.

The two addresses returned nine and five banks respectively, three common to both. Several of the banks had not been disclosed as part of the proceedings. Instructing lawyers successfully used the information in court proceedings.

Corruption Investigation

GreyList was deployed to assist an international investor whose assets were seized as part of a rigged tax investigation. The client suspected collusion within a Government agency to illegally seize the assets.

The results revealed that the majority of the agency’s key employees held accounts with the same offshore bank.

Drugs Cartel

Three South American nationals had been the subject of a detailed investigation lasting over five years relating to the laundering of over USD 4 billion of drugs money.

In just six weeks GreyList identified 11 banks in eight countries, several of which were unknown to the client.

Client Onboarding

An international fund management group was evaluating whether to take onboard a prominent businessman with a mixed international reputation. The group agreed to accept him as a client provided he disclosed all his banking and asset holding affiliations. We GreyListed the individual and identified a number of banks he had not disclosed during the KYC process.